It took the Earth 4 billion years to make trees,

I want to reveal their inner beauty.



Heirloom grade furniture designed to last generations. Only the most stable materials,  joinery, hardware, and finishes are chosen. 



I take pride in offering Built-in cabinetry such as mantels, bookcases, kitchens, libraries, and vanities that are built to the same standards as our furniture.



A refined product needs a professional installation.  We take care to protect your home from damage and dust. All our tools are built with HEPA dust extraction.



Kitchens made by humans for humans, not robots.


Tight gaps and functional design are traits of experienced kitchen    building.  Traits in which transform a room into a space that brings pleasure to the craft of cooking.




Crisp, up-flowing lines, and flawless finishes.


Like any other of our projects, we take the time and care necessary to assure our custom made mantel fits tight and plumb to the stone and marries seamlessly into the base.


Warm contemporary design with natural finishes.


Midcentury inspired - quarter-sawn black walnut EVERYWHERE! 



Contrast, Contrast, Contrast


Is there a more complementary combination than Walnut and white?  Seamless and grain matching quartersawn Canadian Walnut sidekicked with flat white lacquer make this bathroom liveable and beautiful. 


Beauty meets practical


The most common comment from our clients after a built-in installation,

"We love the storage."